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One of the best friends Dad made in the RAF was a bloke called Jock Kennedy.  They met in 24 Squadron - the Commonwealth Squadron.  As Jock describes it:

"The Squadron we were on was No.24 (Commonwealth) Sqn which was so named because we had crews from all the old Dominion Countries.   The Sqn. Cdr during our time was Major Jack Robbs from the SA Air Force.   Other South Africans were Capt. Potgeiter, Capt.Holliday, whom I met much later when I was in Aden and went down to Rhodesia - he was then in the Rhodesian Air Force-   There were two other Pilots whose names escape me for the moment.  We also had crews from the Australian Air Force and the New Zealand Air Force.    Plus some individuals from Canada as well as a few Poms.   It was a marvellous Squadron as you can imagine.   We got all the VIP trips and the morale was exceptionally high.    And Old Barny was the Flight Commander."