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The Souks of Cairo

Dad swore that this story happened to a brother officer.  I believe him.  Of course I do.

The officer in question was piloting a flight heading for the Middle East, stopped over in Cairo, developed engine trouble, and thus had to stay a day or so longer than planned.

So, as he had more time off than anticipated, he wandered into the city of Cairo to do some sight-seeing, and got himself a bit lost. 

While trying to find someone to give him directions, he was accosted by a young Arab lad.

"Sir," cried the boy, "you want my sister? Only fifteen, a virgin, very clean, very cheap, own room, special price for you, Sir."

Sir demurred at first, but the boy was persistent, and eventually the officer decided to go along with the boy, and duly spent a very pleasant half-hour or so in the girl's room.  Afterwards he paid the bill , left, and made his way back to the airfield.  He was able to take off from Cairo that afternoon, and didn't give the incident another thought.

Several months later, he stopped over in Cairo again, and went for a walk in what he thought was a completely different part of the city.  While strolling along, he was accosted by a different lad, who cried, "Sir! You want peep show?  Very cheap, wonderful girls, just round this corner."

Being at a loose end, so to speak, he decided to go along, paid the fee, and put his eye to the peephole.  Same girl, same room, different officer.