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The über-pilot arrives

Dad's arrival at Transport Command Examining Unit was absolutely appropriate for such an outstanding pilot.

There was a Hastings available which needed to go to T.C.E.U., so one foggy evening, he flew himself down to Dishforth to join the unit.

The fog was even worse at the other end.  Coming in to land, Dad misjudged it slightly, missed the runway centre line, and clipped a runway light with the outside port propeller.  The light (a sodium flare the size of a giant soccer ball) was designed to come off the pole easily in the event an aircraft hit it.  It duly fell off, got whipped round by the prop, smashed into the fuselage, whacked a hole in it the size of a barn door, and ended up rolling around inside the cabin making a terrific racket. 

Nothing daunted, the brand new Pilot Examiner landed,  marched into the mess, introduced himself to his new CO and said,  “I’ve just broken your aircraft.  You’d better go and have a look at it."