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Planning Blog


We’re almost ready to start going after some large-scale sponsorship.  The last piece before we can do this is the production of a prospectus – a document which defines the project clearly, states our objectives, and describes what we want to achieve and what we think the benefit to a sponsor will be.  We’ve done a great deal of thinking, collating and planning, and have the main structural elements of a project plan in place.  We’ve done a huge amount of research and have an alarmingly large collection of correspondence, notes, pictures and webpages. We’ve investigated all the aircraft we’re aware of. We’ve done some homework on people we think would be appropriate role players – sponsors, consultants, patron and so on. 

And now we have to collate and distil all this into a form which will convince people to come on board.

More later!

Nothing much happening?

If you occasionally visit the site but not much else, you could be forgiven for thinking that very little was happening to the Burning Blue project.  In fact we’re going flat out putting a prospectus together for a sponsorship proposal, and the project has probably never been busier – with the unsurprising result that the site rarely gets updated except for the occasional newsletter. 

So I thought I should turn the planning section into a blog, to ensure that the site reflects some of the frantic activity going on under the hood, and this is the first of what I hope will be many short posts and updates.  More later!


This website is part of a project to start a charity fundraiser based on the log of Dad's famous trip to fetch the Royal Household in Hastings 491.  The first step in this process (a surprisingly long one!) was to collect and write down enough of Dad's tales to make a website worthwhile, and then to design and publish the website.  This is done.

But there's lots more to come. 


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