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An airlift to ship the log books back to England for donation to the RAF Museum would have been the perfect fundraiser for Burning Blue.  Unfortunately nearly all the airfields along the way have wars going on around them –  Castel Benito and El Adem are both in Libya, Wadi Seidna is in the Sudan (near Khartoum) and there have been a couple of bomb blasts recently in Kenya, although Kenya is still far more stable than places further North.  This has been quite a setback as all our planning was around a flying event, but all is not lost!

We may yet get a flying event of some sort going but in the meantime we're building an internet appeal –  currently we're planning a pixel wall based on the log book page, we've found a web component which will do most of this, and customisation of the remaining bits is well under way. 

After that it's marketing, marketing, marketing!  The Facebook page is already up (and integrated with the site) but we're not pushing it hard until the pixel app is ready.

More news soon!