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Long hours

IT work involves a great deal of after-hours slog when the business users don't need the machine.  Dad, like all of us, did more than his fair share of weekends, late nights and emergency call-outs at odd hours of the morning.  Dennis Walker, a friend and colleague from SCS, contributed this tale:

Barney and I and Cecille Defosse were supposed to work one Sunday morning to do some or other upgrade. Cecille and I arrive. No Barney. A few minutes late, Barney arrives, wearing his "big bird" T shirt. He looks a bit glassy-eyed and unsteady. Breath smells of booze.

Cecille: "Barney, have you been drinking?"

Barney: "Yes, so what?"

Me: "Well, Barney, I know it's the weekend, but it is rather early and we are supposed to be working."

Barney: "It's all an innocent mistake. I went to the fridge, took out the box of grape juice and poured myself a beer glass full. When I took a sip, I realised it was actually white wine - I had taken out the wrong box. But I thought 'no sense in wasting it - down the hatch!'"

He sat there for the rest of the morning smoking his pipe and reading the paper while Cecille and I worked.